Bike Sharing Restarts Today in Trieste

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Bike sharing in Trieste restarts today after almost two months of forced break due to the virus emergency.

Together with Comune di Trieste the bike sharing company is thinking about updating their prices (the first 6 months of subscription are still free for now) in the hope of getting their money lost during the months of closure back.

A bicycle is a shared means of public transport that perfectly fits the norms of social distancing, which is seen as an ideal way of moving around in many cities of the world post COVID-19, according to Il Piccolo.

Bike sharing in Trieste was instantly a huge success: the first month saw 4000 subscriptions and more than 200 uses per day, all during a winter month.

More bike paths for the city as part of the “new mobility plan for the city of Trieste”

In a few days a document designing a “new mobility plan for the city of Trieste” will be presented to the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Dipiazza. It was designed and signed by 1000 residents of our city and proposes more bike and walking paths for the city of Trieste.

How does bike sharing work?

  • You need to sign up for a subscription.
  • You can choose between using the App called BicinCittà (you can download it for free) or getting a membership card.
  • To get the membership card, you will need to go here, register and pay with credit card or bank transfer. You will receive your welcome kit BiTS within a few days after the purchase. It will include your membership card and a free gadget. The shipment costs 3 euros.
  • The subscription is free for the first six months (you only pay the 3 euros at the beginning). The renewal is not automatic.
  • The bike is free for the first 30 minutes of its use, then it costs 50 cents for every 30 minutes within a 2 hour limit. After two hours of using it, it will cost you 1 euro for every 30 minutes.
  • To get the bike from the bike stations you will need a smartphone (if you are using the app or the membership card).
  • The bikes must always be returned to one of the bike stations. It is forbidden to leave them outside of their designated stations.
  • You can always check your usage and bike’s availability on the App.

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