PM Conte: “Back To Life, But With Caution”

Barcola in February before lockdown
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“We cannot afford to wait until the vaccine has been invented, we have to restart now albeit with caution” said PM Conte in his speech to the Italian public last night, on Saturday, May 16th.

In his usual manner Conte delivered a concise and to-the-point speech last night to the Italian public from Palazzo Chigi via his Facebook page. Here are his speech’s main points:

  • From Monday, May 18, no more self-declaration forms: you can go wherever you want and see whomever you want (for example, meet up with friends).
  • No public gatherings and 1 meter distance are still a must, all while wearing a mask.
  • You can now move from one region to another: for work or health reasons, or to reach your residence.
  • From June 3 we can move around EU states, which means: tourists are welcome back.
  • From Monday, May 18, all clothes shops, hairdressers, beauty parlors, restaurants, pubs, cafes are to reopen.
  • All beaches are to reopen as well as churches.
  • Team work-outs are allowed once again.
  • From May 25: all gyms and swimming pools are to reopen, as well as summer camps.
  • From June 15 cinemas, theaters and summer recreational activities for kids are to reopen.

PM Conte reminded the Italian public that regions have the power to either amplify or make the rules stricter depending on the epidemiological situation at hand.

He underlined that all commercial businesses have to follow the safety protocols valid for owners, employees and customers. Everyone is to be armed with caution and attention.

“We are gradually reopening all the commercial activities out there. Of course, for some it will not mean getting back on their feet. I am aware that this decree- despite 55 billion stimulus package- will not solve all of our economical problems.” said PM Conte. “We are giving a hand to all those who need to restart and just trying to begin to build our future with these measures.”

Conte finished his speech by saying: “This is not the time to stop and take a breath. We need to run and let our economy run free. We will start writing the new decree now. Our goal is to invest in the Italy that we want. “

By In Trieste

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