Phase Two: Crowds Gather in Trieste

Trieste, May 10th
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Trieste residents congregate days after Italy enters phase two.

Photographs of people gathering together in via Cavana and Via Torino, as well as Barcola and other loved by Triestini places, just days after Italy entered phase two of the virus emergency have attracted criticism in the press and on social media.

Via Torino, Trieste on May 10th

Many were not wearing masks or not wearing them the right way (a mask is to cover both nose and mouth) and few observed social distancing measures which are a strict requirement of phase two.

By In Trieste

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  1. Maybe it will be fine…. Trieste as ever finds its own way of doing things.
    Compared to 2 other large European countries I’m aware of… One having significant developing public demonstrations against their lockdown – and another having been so terrified by their government, media and “experts” that the population is too nervous to go out and currently seems to want more lockdown for longer!

  2. So I know where I’d rather be… and not just for the sun, Jota, Presnitz, Prosciutto di Sauris, Terrano, Capo in b… and Adriatic view. Mmmmm… Tr Tr.


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