Triestini Queue For Take-Away Coffee

Espresso in Barcola beach, Trieste
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There is a first time for everything, including the sight of Italians queuing for take-away coffee from bars in Trieste.

As of May 4th, this is the new reality in Trieste and other cities across Italy as the country eases its nationwide lockdown and moves into phase two of the virus emergency.

The ritual of standing at the bar and the social aspect of having a capo-in-b is deeply ingrained in Trieste culture.  Unlike US and some other countries, the idea of locals ordering a take-away cappuccino to drink elsewhere is far from the norm here.


Local news were alive these past two weeks with Triestini describing how much they relished their first capo and cornetto from the bar after almost two months of lockdown, despite the coffee being served in a plastic or paper cup.

Bars, restaurants and all outlets serving food and drink are permitted to offer a take-away service all days, including Sundays.

However many coffee bars in Trieste chose not to reopen this week. The city’s daily newspaper Il Piccolo reported that only one in five opened, with many complaining of poor trade, for now at least.

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