Become a Volunteer for the Red Cross

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Did you know? You could become a temporary volunteer for the Red Cross. These are the times to help those of us in need: Red Cross has activated the “Temporary Volunteer” option letting everyone help out after a brief course online.

What does a volunteer do?

  • Food and medicine delivery to those in need
  • Controls of arriving passengers at the airport
  • Information desk help

Doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists can also become temporary volunteers helping people at their homes, at hospitals and in the emergency rooms.

How to apply?

This initiative first started in Florence a couple of weeks ago and has since taken over the rest of Italy. All you need to do is fill out this form or call 800 – 065510 to be contacted by the closet organizing committee.

Who can become a temporary volunteer?

Everyone who resides in Trieste and is in good health, Italians or foreigners with a valid permesso. No previous penalties and fluency in Italian are a must.

What does the training consist in?

The brief online course will last from 30 to 120 minutes (depending on what you choose to do as a volunteer).

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